Beauty in a Nutshell

 I don’t neglect to wear makeup on most days because I believe it takes beauty away,

I do so because I do not believe that you can trap beauty in a jar.


I refuse to believe that our scars need to be concealed.

 They are the details that distinguish us in a crowd.


They are evidence that you have been and that you have seen.

They are proof that no matter how gruesome your inflictions were,

you came out on the other side, a survivor, 

with the courage to face each day and smile.


Who decided that everyone in the world should be polished

and that society should scorn those who bear their blemishes openly, without fear?


Beauty is raw.

It the first version of yourself you see each day

when you are straight out of bed.

I believe your unaltered self is the most beautiful self you can be.

Beauty transcends all the stereotypes which are constantly at war to define it.


Beauty is present in the darkest of times, in the worst of situations,

It just takes a special kind of soul to identify it.

natural beauty child with cancer

Beauty is the strength that it takes to smile and love,

when it seems like there is no reason to at all.

Do not let the judgment, opinions, or the desire of others to stuff you into a category

prevent you from letting your light shine.

Beauty is driving 70 down the highway without a care in the world,

with your hair blown all around.

It is getting to spend your life with the man or woman of your dreams,

or simply embracing free will and living the way you are happiest.

Beauty is having the courage to stand up for what you believe in,

nautral beauty

and never wavering.

Then, smiling down at your oppressors from the mountain

that your courage built for you.

So, never be afraid to show the world who you are,

even if the odds are against you.


I wish society would encourage individuals to show themselves authentically,

rather than providing guidelines for people to follow and standards to achieve.

Typically, the greatest impression is not made when individuals endeavor to make one.

When people have the fortitude to face the world and be who they are,


despite what the world might say-

that is when the greatest impression is made.


Imagine if the entire world picked up on this example.

What if it spread like a wildfire?

What if everyone believed that they are wonderful just the way they are?


What if no one felt the need to hide?

I can see it now…

Now that’s beauty.

5 thoughts on “Beauty in a Nutshell

  1. My lovely girl. Your words are a beakin to your peers. I wake up in the morning and ask your dad…. Go is my hair… In jest. And he says. Fabulous. He kisses me with morning breath. Hugs me with sweaty arms from when I have been working in the yard. Loves me as I am. Every day. Always.


  2. Reblogged this on The BUTHIDARS and commented:
    We should not reject others because they don’t look like us.We all have our own beauty. Learn to accept all individuals as equals and to offer help to those who need it. Greet the world with a hug and the world may just decide to hug back.


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